Weapons anyone can Get


Sydney Airport: Flying Drugs and Weapons across the Country 

So your probably wondering how the fuck is this possible…one would say it’s probably foolish but I’m here to prove it’s possible.

First step is if you plan on only taking illicit substances across the state this makes your job much easier then taking both, but you don’t give a fuck so you decide to take both. You have carefully sourced your items, purchased and have them now in your possession. The night before your flight you clean everything down making sure all items are clear of any DNA. You have seperated the illicit substance of 1Kg into 4 evenly devided approx. 250g 2x vac compressed sealed bags. The morning of your flight your bag is packed your dressed and ready to leave for the airport you take each individual bag and slip each one into a pocked on eaither side of your pants and two more into the waist band of your pants. This gives you the oppotunity to discard of them if you see drug detection dogs deployed within the airport.

At this current time drug detection dogs are standing by you need to be smart and avoiding taking check in baggage this eliminates the process of walking into the airport and going to unnecessary places.

when walking up to the entrance keep an eye on any uniformed police and any dogs within the airport. Even if they look to be pets, guide dogs or any other category you need to be aware of your surroundings. Also know where look for the exit / entrance doors and your bathrooms this gives you an easy escape root or chance to walk in another direction of law enforcement.

However also getting noticed by them; like walking past them avoids suspicion of you acting suspiciously or have something to hide.

Next step is check in, avoiding cues keeps you moving and away from being stuck so that police or dogs have the chance to come in close contact with you. Your going to be smelling highly potent to drug detection dogs so best advice is checking in online or at one of the fast check in booths that are self service.

At security you have your one Cary on bag and an empty plastic bag or plastic bag with a water bottle in it. This is in case you see on the other side you have no chance to avoid a dog and will 100% get noticed by them in this case you weigh up the option of throwing the 4 parcels concealed in your pockets and waist pants into the plastic bag and depositing into the bins before you walk through security. With all that is going on at sydney airport a swift fumble around of your bag sliding hands into pockets you can simply and quickly remove the items don’t make it obvious but fumbling around with you bag at the same time makes it look like your getting your ticket ready removing any lighters etcetera.

This has happened on previous trips for me and has worked entirely with out any one noticing. The other option is spending a good part of your life locked in a cell….take the first option.

If no drug detection dogs are present then make sure all lighters and any other items that they might pull you up on and remove from your bag and walk straight through. I’m on my way through now and will update you on the other side of security and the boarding gates.

Third step your through security and once down the escalators…your free and as I roam around the airport the stupidity of our AUSTRALIAN FEDERAL POLICE astounds me for there is not one single officer in sight and while these packages sit snugly against my over heating body temperature I can now make my way to the closest bathroom facility after enduldging in a light refreshment and bite to eat I can now remove the packages and place into my carry on luggage bag which is a small and simple back pack allowing me to move more freely without concerns of most likely melting or destroying the package contents with my high body temperature.

Mailing Missing : EXPOSED

Keys as seen above give access to most if not all mailboxes, allowing perpetrators to gain access to anyone’s mailbox

BOXERS: a team given to those whose job it is to steal the mail for either there own gain or to pass on for a form of payment in either drugs or money.

Commonwealth Bank

Most commonwealth credit card arrive in the post already active however for purchases in store the pin needs to be activated.

To bypass the pin swiping the card at a car parking metre will activate the card.

Cards that don’t come active require over the phone or online activation.

Date of births can be found on a range of public access websites like esearch https://www.esearch.net.au/cgi-bin/eCasual?requestType=PersonNameSearch

If birthdays are unavailable on esearch the average person keeps their date of birth as public on social networking sites as facebook. Once your date of birth has been confirmed your card is activated within minutes.

Domestic Airport: Security Fails

“Opportunity is a necessary condition for any specific crime to be committed”

This post is taking you through the simple areas in which security has proven to be poor, enabling the movement of prohibited items, weapons and illicit substances; some more easily then others, to be moved around NSW and across into neighbouring states.

Law enforcement has failed in the detection, interception and prevention of illegal substances and dangerous goods or weapons getting passed security and onto an aircraft. The international Airport has its own flaws which I will draw upon in posts to follow.

What surprises me is its been proven easy to do and even easier to do again……

Does this not raise the question of state and national security, The publics concerns on health and safety when it comes to drugs and high crime statistics; and with acts of Terrorism attempted of being carried out one would assume all of this wouldn’t be so easy at our larger Airports.